About Calte Jones

Calte Jones


Firstly, THANK YOU for visiting this page! I am a born n’ bred Londoner. A creative gal who sings, writes and expresses myself in the arts. After graduating The BRIT’s, I attended Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford. After some time out to figure my next moves, I went on to study Film at university. I’m always writing, whether that’s song lyrics, poems and/or screenplays. From my early twenties, I’d say my creations are a ‘work in progress‘ where I am continuously experimenting with sounds and writing. Originally inspired by Pop and Commercial music, I later moved into Alt-R&B. Although, from mid-2017, my sound is again adapting/changing as I grow and change myself.

I can be found providing vocals for sessions with up-coming producers and/or writing to (mostly) EDM tracks either as a topliner.


“I studied Film at uni believing I would move onto a different path, but there’s always this draw to music. Studying Film kept me inspired and challenged. It has assisted me creatively in every-way possible, from the aesthetics and history of cinema to the development of a story and how best to communicate it”.


Calte Jones